Are the Outdoors endangered because we are not inclusive enough?

For 2018, Apothecary Muse seeks to sponsor Ambassadors who identify as and empower underrepresented classes (race, gender, economic class, ability and more), in the outdoors.  For many years working in the outdoor industry, I’ve experienced some and observed more exclusion and the opportunity loss is real. Just like in nature, we need the bees to pollinate the flowers for our food and the food for the soil to grow trees to provide oxygen and oxygen for us to breathe. Just like our ecosystem, we need diversity in our everyday lives to survive.  I am of the opinion that the outdoors and its qualities also have a delicate balance needing representation, and it is a good practice to include exposure and education with it to the general public if we expect it to stick around for future generations. If we continue only marketing to the status quo, we will continue to have limited results.  It is through diversity that we can become a stronger and sustainable force, lift up each other and the importance of outdoors, open space access and environmental concerns.  I’d like to make a difference with the only thing I have of value, my business.  It may be a small drop in the bucket, but it’s a start.


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I understand not all may agree with my broad effort to include minorities with this sponsorship, but I hope it is understood that I seek to ADD to the equation by creating this opportunity and not take away from it.  I am sacrificing potential profit by emphasizing diversity with this opportunity, which would simply not exist if diverse representation weren’t needed.  I understand also, that my experiences will vary from others’ lived experiences and do not seek to speak on another person’s behalf.  I will however, listen and do what I can to ensure an unspoken stakeholder has a place at the table of outdoor advocacy. Folks who do not identify as minorities may also apply and will be considered based on external factors such as their involvement with actions and programs that support diversity and inclusion.


Interested?  Find out more about the Apothecary Muse Ambassador Program and Apply here.

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