A Sustainable New Year

Do you constantly make ‪#‎lists‬? Is your ‪#‎NewYearsResolution‬ an opportunity to link your tasks and goals together, for long range planning?

For me, I have tons of daily tasks that include research, sourcing ingredients, making products, creating labels, packaging, listing, marketing and sales. It’s actually a ton of work and I was surprised to find myself working many 12 hour days this year. It paid off by the numbers, but in 2015 I’d like to find more balance and consistency.

Efficiency and satisfaction is hard to gauge with numbers. So, my pursuit will balance ‪#‎Sustainability‬ for my business, environment and consumer. I’ll be scoring myself and how my time ranks towards these goals. Eventually, I hope I may be in a position to provide meaningful work for others, own my own retail store and advocate for sustainable practices in the outdoor retail industry. How’s that for ambitious?

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